Alpha Test @ LifeWOW! :)

LifeBANK!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Happy to announce yet another awesome new feature: LifeBANK!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Check it out, try it out, contribute to it and comment on it!!! :)

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Developments at LifeWOW! :)

Lots has happened at LifeWOW since getting started just a few short months ago! :)

LifeWOW will have several components, which will clarify the purpose of the project.

Already, we have a cool couple of projects here, including the fun-to-play LifeFLOW, and the fascinating LifeTUBS. With more yet to come, this is quickly becoming a favorite part of Worlds O Wisdom.
What would you like to see at LifeWOW? Please send comments to! :)


psylife!!! :)

LifeGAME!!! :)

First LifeGAME!

Welcome to the new world of LifeGAME!!! :)
In this game, you get to play with little creatures who move around exploring the area, and you can feed in new elements! :)
Please give it a whirl! :)

New Creature Imagery 5! :)


More imagery! :)

New Creature Imagery 4! :)


We have two new beautiful illustrations! :)
Here's one:

New Creature Imagery 3! :)


Beautfiul! :)

New Creature Imagery 2! :)


And! :)


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