LifeFLOW - Big Update!!! :)

A circular creature that moves randomly at LifeFLOW! :)

Lots of news with LifeFLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Now each creature can have its own personality or behavior. Still pretty basic to start, but it's fun to play with and the core is there to construct cool new functionality!!! :)
Also, the creatures now continue to live and move even after leaving their areas and returning.
Furthermore, there is now a clearer description, and various other improvements.
You can play with it yourself at
You can see a sample specimen at LifeBANK.
And you can watch demo videos below:

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

LIFE: Flow to the Future - Video

Watch the new LifeWOW video:

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!! :)

LIFE - Rebirth - Bubbleworld!!!!!!!!! :)

Here is a little teaser video of the current progress of the first episode of LIFE. Check it out! :)

Rock & Roll! :)

LIFE demo video

Here's our new video for LIFE. It contains some rough stuff, yet paves the way for more coolness to come! :)

Navigator demo video!!!!!!!!! :)

Check it out! :)

LifeFLOW demo video!!!!!!!! :)


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