LIFE: Love!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Enjoy LIFE:

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LIFE: Integrity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Watch the new episode:

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LIFE: Order!!!!!!!!!! :)

Enjoy the new episode of LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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LIFE: Season One! :)

Here is a new playlist for the whole season. A couple of episodes remain at this point. Enjoy! :)

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LIFE: Complexity!!!!!!!! :)

A brand new episode of LIFE, in which TEM investigates the universe:

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LIFE: Rebirth

A new star is born! :)
LIFE: Rebirth is the first episode of a new animation series. It depicts the adventures of TEM, the Transparently Evolving Machine, throughout the universe. Watch now, and share with all your friends! :)

Many thanks to everyone who has been involved in bringing this to fruition.
You can send any comments to!
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LIFE - Rebirth - Bubbleworld!!!!!!!!! :)

Here is a little teaser video of the current progress of the first episode of LIFE. Check it out! :)

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LifeSTORY new trailer!!!!!!!!!! :)

Check out our current trailer:

Still lots more room to improve!!! :)

New LifeSTORY trailer! :)

LIFE - Rebirth - Trailer!!! :)

Watch this awesome new trailer for LifeSTORY!!! :)

LIFE follows the adventures of TEM around a wonderful world.
Avril drew the amazing images.
We'll have more soon! :)


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