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Here's a new piece describing the origins of the LIFE videos:
Life: The Universe and Everything

While drawing on some traditional techniques for connecting geometry throughout frames, I gave my characters more of a say in their movements. On the basis of my creative impulse, they played with each other and taught me what looks good and what works well. I modelled what I could on the basis of fundamental physics, using standard animation techniques when time or hardware or other constraints prevailed. I treated each episode as an experiment. Generally, I used relatively simple geometry with naturalistic forces, instead of complex models with hand-picked motions. However, some of the models became extremely complex, with some scenes using over a million independently interacting components. I crafted a lot of materials from scratch, from synthesiser instruments and software cameras and lights to physical dynamics. For me a highlight was creating stars and planets and an entire galaxy and watching as they naturally developed some photorealistic effects.

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LIFE: Flow to the Future - Video

Watch the new LifeWOW video:

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LIFE: Flow to the Future

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LIFE: Love!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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LIFE: Order!!!!!!!!!! :)

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LIFE: Season One! :)

Here is a new playlist for the whole season. A couple of episodes remain at this point. Enjoy! :)

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LIFE: Movement!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Episode eight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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LIFE: Fluid!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Life: Tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Now announcing episode six of LIFE: Tree!!!!!!!! :)

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