Halfway There!!! :)

WOW! :)
After lots of development, we're at version 0.5 of both LifeFLOW and LifePALETTE. The two projects present the LifeWOW concept in somewhat different 2D software formats. This marks around the halfway point to getting a feature-stable, fully usable release ready! :)

You can go ahead and play with these now, and please let us know of any questions or suggestions for improvements! :)
Many thanks to everyone involved in the development of these products, and please enjoy playing!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Cool new new creatures @ LifeFLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

As we work our wayz up through improvements in LifeFLOW towards more creaturez & featurez, here we present a couple of new creature species, now available for your playing pleasurez! :)
Introducing a variety of shapes for the organisms of this new rectangular species, and a characteristic short-and-fat profile for this more advanced species! :)

LifeFLOW also features various improvements to the user interface and documentation.
Please play and enjoy, and let us know how we're doing!!! :)

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

More LifeFLOW Updates!!! :)

LifeFLOW - Big Update!!! :)

A circular creature that moves randomly at LifeFLOW! :)

Lots of news with LifeFLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Now each creature can have its own personality or behavior. Still pretty basic to start, but it's fun to play with and the core is there to construct cool new functionality!!! :)
Also, the creatures now continue to live and move even after leaving their areas and returning.
Furthermore, there is now a clearer description, and various other improvements.
You can play with it yourself at
You can see a sample specimen at LifeBANK.
And you can watch demo videos below:

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Random Circular Creature! :)

This little critter moves about randomly, which is still pretty simple but a step up from just following orders! :)

Now the creatures generated at LifeFLOW contain their own personality/behaviors, and this is a specimen of the first example! :)

Videos of this creature available:

LifeFLOW new moves!!! :)

Check out the new video:

The life form is also available at LifeBANK! :)
Update: Just uploaded the newest code over at LifeFLOW. You can check out a few more stably moving things at Area-80. Developing! :)
Rock & Roll!!! :)

LifeFLOW update!!! :)

How many circles can you make at LifeFLOW?! :)

Navigator demo video!!!!!!!!! :)

Check it out! :)

LifeFLOW demo video!!!!!!!! :)


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