Little Flitter! :)

This little beastie goes about the areaz playing dancing laughing interacting, and making the worldz a better place! :)

Check it out at LifeFLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!! :)

Extral! :)

Introducing the coolest new creatural additionz over at LifeFLOW!!! :)
The extral complemens the ultral, and together they make for a fun team! :)
Watch as the extral chases other creatures (including other extral creatures) about the play area! :)
You can check out a representative sample at LifeBANK, and you can play with them yourself at LifeFLOW! :)

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!! :)


The cool new creature at LifeFLOW! :)
This thing does some funky maneuvering in order to chase after other thingoz! :)

YouTube videos:

Cool new new creatures @ LifeFLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

The new bestiary at LifeFLOW! :)

Introducing some sweet new friends over at LifeFLOW!!!!!!!! :)
You can play with these yourself in the new version of LifeFLOW, and you can also see some finely preserved specimens at LifeBANK! :)
Check out the bestiary now! :)

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Rectangular Particle! :)

Here we have a new creature, which rotates as it moves about. Also, it uses a different mechanism to move than previous creatures, so that even while it somewhat resembles certain previous ones, it has important differences and paves the way for more changes ahead! :)

YouTube videos:

Create your own ultrals at LifeFLOW! :)

Cool New Creature!!! :)

The most interesting creature so far, this one has simple rectangular geometry (the species tends towards "low and wide" attributes). The action is in its movements, which are considerably more independent and directional than previous creatures. The early signs of intelligent life! :)

Update: After a bit of evolution, this creature now does some neato spins with its siblings! :) Check out the new picture. You can play with these at LifeFLOW!!! :)


Rectangular Creature! :)

This plain old boring-looking rectangular creature is the first of its class! :)

And with this creature, we begin to put together a wider larger deeper variety of LifeFLOWdom! :)

YouTube videos:

Rock & Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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