LifePALETTE is a dynamic art garden! :)

Create and share art with a living tool that also makes art with you! :)

The game worlds runs as free and open source software (MIT license). Play with it on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Contribute your code at GitHub, and your art at LifeBANK! :)

Current release! :)

New release available! :)

Release notes v0.6 - DOWNLOAD

Previous releases!

Verson 0.5

Release notes v0.5 - DOWNLOAD

Verson 0.3

Release notes v0.3 - DOWNLOAD

Version 0.2

Release notes v0.2
Release notes v0.2.1 (minor update)

Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Original release!

You can download our first early playable draft here! :) (for Windows x64)

Come join us as we build the project! :)